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I'm a different kind of teenager i don't like confrontation or anger or drinking or eating meat but i LOOOOOOVE weed :D hahahahahaha I suffer depression and I'm over immature teenage bullshit. I don't like dresses or hair extensions or make up :) I'm just not a girly girl type of girl hahaha

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I Am a Fan of Paramore

My God!!! They broke up and i cried LOL but my god is Hayley Williams just the most rootable ranga ever or what!!!! :D YUMMY!!! hehehe [more]
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  • I Never Will Forget You

    Love Is Pure Pain. The days without you seem endless, the nights even longer. Your taste, touch and smell evade me, I’m alone in the dark the tears stream down my face, the pain I inflict doesn’t even come close to … [more]
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    Disaster! How could i forget i was 5 he was 6 we were boyfriend and girlfriend..... After recess we go to run back to our classes we hug and we both go in for a quick peck but instead we got a headbutt and a ho… [more]
  • I Cut Myself

    The Truth Does Hurt. The pain i inflict on myself is nothing compared to the pain you shoot through my veins with every mean and hurtful thing you say to me, My mother is my true pain not the anxiety or depression or the … [more]
  • I Want to Dye My Hair Red

    Kinda But Not Really Hahaha i have naturally strawberry blonde hair and i hated it so i dyed my hair light brown then dark brown then black but when it started fading i dyed it red i loved it so much but mum hated it :/ i kinda … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Okay... Out With The Truth
    I don't like love, love is over rated people who fall in love get hurt some even die and i never ever wanted that but now i'm scared every single time i see them my face lights up and my cheeks hurt from the smile that spreads across my face i don't wanna be in love and every time my friend says i am fear runs through my body a million miles an hour!!! :/ so scared... hahaha funny isn't it i'm scared to love someone :/ … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    So obviously i'm not the most girly girl out there but lately i've been thinking im really tall and thin so should i do modelling? My mum is 6ft dads 6'4ft bros 6'7ft and im 5'9 so should i start modelling i love to feel good but very rarely do, Maybe it's the confidence boost i need what do you think???… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    The one time...
    The one time i feel in love i got hurt so i swore to my self from now on that i will never love again :/ it's hard at time but i cope and atleast the only one hurting me is me.… [more]
  • Gay marriage rights?

    Posted on: April 7th, 2011 at 9:05PM

    The politicians say it's only aloud to be legal for men and women to wed but the only reason they wed is to further their love for one another yet the gay community can't do the same? So if it was normal to be gay and straight people were considered strange would you allow them to marry?I don't see why it's an issue, deal with the fact that love is love no matter the gender, age or race, it's just discrimination! Some religious leaders and politicians are somewhat against this but if it doesn't happen directly to them why is it such an issue? 'Registered' marriage for gay couple's should be legalised in my personal opinion.Leave me some comments on your thought on the matter thanks :D… [more]