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It's really simple you know... just think about it like this:

Right foot front... Left foot front... Over and over, one step at a time.

One day, you'll look back and see how much you've walked already, without barely noticing, and you'll laugh at how hard it seemed before you started.

It's just about taking the first step, and not looking too far away.

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I Should Talk To Her

There's this friend i have from a few years ago. She was actually my sister's friend before i met her. Then normal friendship so far. Then something happened during a trip, where we got... [more]
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  • I Smoked Salvia

    And I Keep Doing It. The first time i smoked salvia was just the plant and i didn't felt a thing but the relaxing feeling, the second time it was 5x, and it was like when you're starting to dream, but still awake. I re… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Too many words...
    I really should learn how to say much in just a few lines. I write too much in hope that everyone who reads will understand, then i notice not many people read a text more than a few paragraphs long.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    So i have took my time now to look at what we call love... From young high school ones to 50 year old marriages, and still i can't find the right meaning of what love is. I do know though, what love is not, and here i want to share with you... Love isn't that feeling you get that you need that person beside you to be happy, that he/she is part of your personal to-do list so you feel complete, it may sound like love, but that is dependance, on it's prettiest dress. Love isn't being happy because he likes you, because he tells you you're his everything, and he calls you pretty and he does everything for you... It may be love what you're getting from him, but it's not what you're giving back… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I almost broke my mind a while ago.
    On my last lsd trip, something very interesting happened... The other times, i've tried it were magical, but rather normal compared to this last time, where i really "lost it" for the durationof the trip...I didn't even remember when i forgot i was drugged and started believing what my mind was telling me, it showed me many things that strangely make sense...It told me that i was god, me and all of humanity. That before creation there was this omnipotent child, infinite in its knowledge and power, but bored in the middle of nothingness... So bored eventually he decided to create a universe, he created something so immense and beautiful, vast and complex. But even when it was finished, it was… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Mixed feelings...
    My mind is made a mess sometimes... I tend to think that it was the best we could do to break up, and not talk to each other again, i think about it and i know that the only way i wouldn't try to call you dear or telling you i love you is if you were already with someone else, maybe a family... and even then i wonder...And i know that i can't act like a friend when you tell me you're feeling down, because all i can think then is how i'd like to be right beside you, taking you out, not letting you think those bad thoughts, or maybe just holding you tight and telling you everything works out in time... I can't be a friend when every part of me wants to be your lover.But still, sometimes when i… [more]
  • A seeker.

    Posted on: August 21st, 2009 at 10:59AM

    The story of my life, my blessing and my curse, not knowing what i'm looking for, and always wondering, always thinking, sometimes to the breaking point. I guess my fate is to be lonely, i don't think i can take care of anyone else but myself, and that's asking a lot. I can see all the choices, but i can't see past the doors, i need to open one at a time but i'm afraid, no one's there leading the way, just me. Different points of view, i have a thousand eyes, but i also have a thousand minds, every one of them decided to take a different path. I can't help but just watch, themselves arguing with each other, debating each other points of view, eternal indecision, and everything inside my hea… [more]