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I would want to know myself. :)

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I Smile At Strangers

99 Balloons. Would You Want Anymore? I believe that smiles can make a person's day. Surely. And however so it may seem like a paradox to my personality ... I DO smile at people. I want them to feel the warm gesture I have. I... [more]
  • I Connect With People I Have Not Yet Met

    I Once Believed, Dark Eyes. I constantly get the feeling I know more than I should. About a person. Then I get the sixth sense of knowing someone I have not yet met. It could however be my psychological imaginary sense. I mi… [more]
  • I Hope And Pray For My Future

    Hope Is A Four Letter Word Yes. I'm here hoping and praying for my future. As bleak as it seems, a glimpse of hope is still in the air. Hoping that the future maybe better. Maybe. Praying left me sore knees. But I want to c… [more]
  • I Have Lost a Beloved Pet

    Ginger. It's been a year now. I don't think of her everyday. I don't need to. She knows more than ANYONE, that she'd always be my girl. Things went how they went. And i can't change that. She's watching o… [more]
  • I Consider My Pets Family

    He's Part Of Us. Kobe is part of the family. Forever & Always. I'd include him whenever I can. And I'm glad to have. He's amazing.    Love, Me… [more]