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A lonely freak, incredibly handsome and terribly ill.

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I Have a Confession

how ever often and much you talk to somebody you never feel any better, they just give you a  load of advice that you can't follow 'cause i'm not motivated any more, don't know how to be... [more]
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  • I Love My Teacher

    Unrequited Love With A Teacher well, that's it reallyI am in love with a teacher and I hang around him in school and I try and get close but there's this teacher and pupil relationship thing you can't have, you know? … [more]
  • I Have No Idea What to Do With My Life

    Total Despair . Freaking Out since leaving school people have always said to me 'where will you be 5 years' and shaking their head mournfully for lost talent and youth etc etc and 5 years, yes, is now and I'm still trying getting… [more]
  • I Am In Love With My Teacher

    My Heart Is Breaking!!!!! My crush with this teacher is getting worse, it hurts!!!!! I just want him, you know? and I can't 'cause of that damn teacher and pupil relationship you can't have but I am 21 I should not be ru… [more]
  • I Am Alone All the Time

    Alone 24/7 it's true even when i do dare venture outside my flat I get lost in crowds, i lose myself and I feel really nervous, social anxiety and I always am alone, today I've been alone, not talking or eating … [more]