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I Write Poetry

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  • I Write Poetry

    Kaheen Ishq Kaheen ISHQ ki dekhi Ibtida...Kaheen ISHQ ki dekhi Intiha......Kaheen ISHQ Sooli pe Charh gaya...Kaheen ISHQ ka Nezay pe Sir gaya......Kaheen ISHQ sajday me… [more]
  • I Want to Know What Your Superpower Would Be

    Lalla Arifa Was A Controversial Figure. Lalla Arifa was a controversial figure. The Hindus regard her the reincarnate whereas the Muslims, a perfect mystic saints. The Hindus say that her name was Lal Ishwari born of the Hindu parents and r… [more]
  • I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

    I Am Not A Preacher, I am not a preacher, Neither am I yourteacher. I do not sermonise, I only siloloquise. Many of my expressed views May not actually be news. You know them like… [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    Roads That Bend/ Roads That Bend/Clouds That Descend/Flowers That Bloom/Challenges That Loom/Each Has Its Mystery/Each Has Its Revelation/We All Become History/Full Of S… [more]
  • islam is a great religion earth

    Posted on: October 25th, 2012 at 6:25AM

    I Liked the Answer of German Muslim scholar when he was asked about terrorism and Islam : He said : Who started the first world war ? Muslims ??Who started the second world war ? Muslims ??Who killed millions of innocent people in Afganistan? Muslims?? Who killed millions of innocent people in Iraq? Muslims?? Who killed innocent people in drone attacks in Pakistan? Muslims??Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? Muslims ??Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Muslims ??Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? Muslims ??Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? Muslims ??Who took about 180 millions of African peop… [more]



    Posted on: October 25th, 2012 at 6:35AM

    ✪WELCOME TO MY WORLD✪╬═════════════════╝╬╬I hate those ppl who comes in my way , I WALK ALONE╬got it.╬╬I hate liers and those ppl who spreads bad rumours bout╬me.╬╬I hate flirty ppl and also those ppl who thinks im a╬FLIRT,coz I know im not a flirt.╬╬I hate cheap and akward ppl who really dont even know╬how to talk properly.╬╬I hate those who use slang language with me.. better╬think TRICE before using any sort of slang or bad words╬with me.╬╬I hate those friends who uses me for something they╬need means IM NOT A BLOODY TIME PASS.╬╬I am straightedge person. means no drinking,smoking or╬take any other sort of drugs.╬╬I am not an outgoing guy I stay mostly in my room╬enjoying my life.╬╬I mostl… [more]


  • In the World,

    Posted on: October 25th, 2012 at 6:52AM

    In the World,Where material possession of goldDiamond, land and precious stoneMade a rich man.How can the graveyardWith it depositeOf bone of deadBe the richest?Graveyard was nothing of valueOther than bonesAnd the dust of the departedOnes and nobody madeAny fortune out of such.Many dreamsEnded up in the graveyardWithout actualisationThe graveyard consistedUnactualised men and womenOf great potentials,King that never crownedMen and womenThat have acquiredStupendous wealthBut died in abject miseryThose presidents of great nations,Great leads of menEven those who would haveMade indelible marksIn their chosen professionsHad died and bee buriedWith their dream and visionThat were never put to us… [more]