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I Have a Confession

An affliction I was born with, lived with, observed daily, and did my best to get better at the Affliction.      Always being strong for everyone in the family  but myself. [more]
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  • I Have A Soldier In Basic Training Or In Ait

    Hard, But So Worth It! Hi, i was born with an ID card n will die with one. Communicate every chance u get. If u know what he is doing or where he is at, look it up n gather some info. Time is precious, depending on what … [more]
  • I Want to Know Your Comfort Food

    Mmmmmmmmmmm When I need my comfort food it is always grilled cheese heavily buttered that I dip into tomato soup with a little sugar and I add sour cream while I heat it up. … [more]
  • I Have a Favorite Mug

    +50 Year Old Mug Fanatical coffee drinker, daddys mug, he use to give me sips from this mug, he always used it and when he passed, that is all i wanted My daddys Mug… [more]
  • I Find Beauty In Imperfection

    Acceptance reclaimed my love and i accept all of him as he has always accepted me but i didn't see it.  I do now and I have been amazed at my levels of love, comfort that I feel… [more]