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I Was Adopted

Always Be My Mum. :) My biological parents were the most wonderful parents any little boy could ask for. I didn’t apprentice them as much as I should have but I was just little when they died. My parents were so much in... [more]
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    facts about girls
    1) Hates when YOU to turn up late in an event, but will always have a cute excuse for not turning up on time.2) 'Sorry' is at the last in their 'to say' list.3) Always expect you to convince them.4) Loves shopping, more when you carry their bags.5) Won't ever ever call or mssg you first even if they want to coz they don't want themselves to sound desperate ( too dumb I know..)6) Wants you to remember all the least important dates ( day of first date, first kiss, first se.. and on..)7) If they see you somewhere or even online, would never say wassup ? or hello or hi..reason : same as that of 5.8) Always wants you to take it to the next level.9) would say "this is bullshit" after reading first… [more]
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    This past year and half has been really hard on me. First my parents decided that they were moving to a new country to workI knew it wasn't a good idea because all dine was argue and fight a. I begged them to let me stay but they wouldn't. I told them i could stay with my grandfather, but they told me he was too old. So I had to leave my life, my friends, my family. When we got to Australia it was terrible. My parents began to argue ALOT and at one point my dad actually hit my mum, I saw him do this and I tried to stop him and he almost broke my jaw. But the next day my mum blamed me fro trying to fight with my dad. Things got better though when I met friends, I had no trouble making frien… [more]