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I am an artistic, creative, imaginative person,to sum it up to 3 words. I'm a people person who loves funny things, and mostly, i like to draw. I like to make friends, and like to listen to music. Well, thats about it...Later!

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I Wonder What You See In Me

No Regrets... it is weird what you think of totally different from the people around you... most people discribe me as weird...artistic...crazy, physco...loud...different. they havent... [more]
  • I A Victim of Emotional Neglect

    What? What am i to you? Someone to push around!?! kirsty: Thanks for being there. I tell you EVERYTHING. You are the only one who listens and will never tell Mom: I dont want anymore yell… [more]
  • I Am a Social Reject

    What Weve Become Because Of You... (Strawberry gashes) shinning bright Her feeling less skin is chalky white She’s filled with pain and shuddering with fear She picks up her blade and holds it near She’s no longer absorbed w… [more]
  • I Am So Fed Up and Frustrated

    Wow...way To Go... you took it too far this time kate. you spazzed out and called me names... even when we hang out and you thing that i cant hear you and tom talking, i can. ive heard what you s… [more]
  • I A Victim of Emotional Neglect

    Who Are You? I DARE YOU TO POST A STORY ON WHO YOU REALLY ARE. 50 CHARACTER TRAITS, I AMS AND I WISH. I WILL TOO,AND IF YOU DONT, YOUR A COUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who are you?… [more]