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no longer believe anything anybody says.

Loves everything about life, exept my life. Never had much fun with life. Have lots of regrets wish I was smarter. (Actually think I could ne a genius if I could just remember shit I learn ) and I would have liked to have been better looking in my youth. Why bother now? Love animals (see profile pic. I loved that chicken. I like to draw, paint, write, build things, fix things. Only problem is I'm not real good at anything. I like kids (not in weird way) worked around them for 30 years. They do say the funniest shit.

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I Accept the Theory of Evolution

Ahh. The great God debate. I love this one. Being raised Christian for 50 years I always had no doubt in my mind God existed. But I also had full belief in evolution. It's right there, you can see... [more]
Jcoe has shared 3 Mature Experiences
  • I Dont Like Public Toilets

    Public Toilets What's worse than having to sit on a public toilet? Finding the seat still warm from the person just before you.… [more]
  • I Want To Know Your Five Pet Peeves

    Pet Peeves People who call a lectern a podium. Those who think the world revolves around them. OK, it's good to be confidant, but people whos heads are so big all they can talk about is how wonderfu… [more]
  • I Love It When I Get Into Deep Conversations

    Ramblings Of A Tired Old Man It is said, once a bullet is released from a gun, it can never be called back. also I know a single word, once uttered, can never be un spoken. A word, a sentence, phrase, insult., Is fore… [more]
  • I Love Helping People

    To All My Ep Friends And Any Other OK. This is what I want you to do. Give me your pain. I will except it and take it from you. My ep friends. Weather you like me or not, think of me, concentrate, look at my profile picture and t… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Wrong booth
    Many years ago my first wife and I went to a restaraunt and sat in a booth, me facing the back, her the front. After our coffee came I headed to the back to use the restroom. Heading back I slipped onto my seat and noticed my coffee was gone.Ir matter of fact said where is my coffee at the same time I looked up into a strange womans face . I don't know whos face was funnier mine or hers as I looked around and saw the cook bustin a gut laughing. My spouse who was still facing the front was onlivious to all of it. I made a lame sorry and headed back to my booth. In my defence she had the same hair do.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    When greeting people
    Bad habit I guess : when people greet me with "hi, how are you today" I somtimes reply " old, fat, out of shape , oh I' m sorry. You were just being polite. You don't real ly care. I' m fine just fine . And then laugh out loud . I really only say to people I know, others wise I would be detained. p.s. Many have stoped asking me.… [more]