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All of my best friends are shoes.

Redhead with a 'tude.

I love giving advice and talking about philosophy, but I am not looking for boyfriends. Please don't ask.

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I Get Migraine Headaches

How I Cope Someone posted a question on my story about what I do to treat/cope with my migraines. The only hope I have is to prevent the triggers. For me, the main trigger seems to be stress. When I start to... [more]
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  • I Love My Family

    I Love My Mother When I think about how healthy I am psychologically, I cannot help but look to the support of my mother ever since I was a little baby. Most of my friends had a competitive and combative relationship… [more]
  • I Get Migraine Headaches

    Did You Hear The One About The Girl With Migraines.... Like many others in this group, I am cursed with the affliction of migraines. At their peak, every day of my life was either suffering from one, getting over one, or preparing for one. Not satisfied… [more]
  • I Love High Heel Shoes

    Flats Are Boring I know flats seem to be the in thing lately, but I still wear heels every chance that I get. Every time I am out, if I pass a shoe store, I will go in to see what they have on sale. I saw a pair las… [more]
  • I Avoid Negative People

    Happiness Is A Choice Nothing makes you happy except for your own decision to be so. I am tired of being around others that complain that if only so and so was more whatever or only if this didn't happen, or if only this … [more]