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I Get Migraine Headaches

How I Cope Someone posted a question on my story about what I do to treat/cope with my migraines. The only hope I have is to prevent the triggers. For me, the main trigger seems to be stress. When I start to... [more]
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  • I Love My Family

    I Love My Mother When I think about how healthy I am psychologically, I cannot help but look to the support of my mother ever since I was a little baby. Most of my friends had a competitive and combative relationship… [more]
  • I Get Migraine Headaches

    Did You Hear The One About The Girl With Migraines.... Like many others in this group, I am cursed with the affliction of migraines. At their peak, every day of my life was either suffering from one, getting over one, or preparing for one. Not satisfied… [more]
  • I Love High Heel Shoes

    Flats Are Boring I know flats seem to be the in thing lately, but I still wear heels every chance that I get. Every time I am out, if I pass a shoe store, I will go in to see what they have on sale. I saw a pair las… [more]
  • I Avoid Negative People

    Happiness Is A Choice Nothing makes you happy except for your own decision to be so. I am tired of being around others that complain that if only so and so was more whatever or only if this didn't happen, or if only this … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I hate coffee
    I know many of you make a religion out of it, paying $3 or more at Starbucks for what costs $0.10 to make, but I have never understood it.  Perhaps it makes me unAmerican, but I have always hated coffee.  It is not that I dislike hot beverages, as tea of all sorts is appealing to me and hot chocolate especially made from the cocoa powder and spiked with Bailey's or Kahlua certainly is agreeable.For one thing, it is excessively bitter.  People drink that noxious wastewater black?  Yuck.  It even stains your teeth, just look at mugs after they have been used.  The only way to make it drinkable is to add cream, sugar and other flavors until the coffee becomes a flavoring for the cream.  Yes, it… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    I am terrified of driving
    I live in a big city with everything you need within walking distance or a quick subway or taxi ride, so I have never really had need for a car.  As such,I have never gotten my license and now the whole idea of driving terrifies me.  How do people keep track of so many things at once without crashing into things or going impossibly slow?  A friend took me out to practice driving once, but it was a disaster.  We were in a parking lot and I was headed toward an obstacle, which was coming too fast and instead of stopping, I paniced and covered my eyes instead and screamed.  My friend took the wheel and we didn't crash, but that was the end of my lessons.  I hope if I ever need a car, I can find… [more]