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wondering hows ready to attack?

i am shy at first, very helpfull, sometimes happy , .

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  • a little Mexican
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I Have a Confession

i feel lazy, and im eatiing way to much, why cants i be active__ [more]
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  • I Have Social Anxiety

    Cant Even Go To The Mall. I cant even be at the mall on fridays , well on the weekend, i feel like im going into circles, all those people, plus you cant even enjoy walking around, Its like being in roller coaster, gezzz. i ha… [more]
  • I Have Trickletellmania

    I Have Trickletellmania.(picking Out Hair, From Face Or Head). I've suffered from trickletellmania( Meaning picking your hair out from a part of your body and cannot stop from doing it like, hair from your head, eyelashes, eyebrow's exe.) After my child a… [more]
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