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I am a song writer of all kinds of Music...I am also a Web Page Designer!

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I Hate Racism and Discrimination

I'm White And People Think They Can Put Down Black People In front Of Me. I HATE Racism. I have a mixed son at which I love him dearly. He is the cutest boy I know. My mom was dating a complete jerk who always stated bad comments about black people. I wanted to kill him... [more]
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  • I Smoke Cigarettes

    Smoking Way To Long.. I have been smoking steady from age 10-32 now. I really don't wanta quit but I kn… [more]
  • I Want to Know What Song You Can't Stand

    I Hate The Song I Would Walk 500 Miles. It was a running joke as I woke up every morning to my alarm clock playing that song. I don't think I would of hated it so bad but I had to walk a long distance to school and my dad teased me over tha… [more]
  • I Stole Something From a Store

    The Big Pink Hat! I was in California and I was pretty upset. I went into this store and this lady gave me a look like I was going to steal something. So my old attitude said ***** I will show you so I ran outta the st… [more]
  • I Got A Call From Someone Dialing Wrong Number

    Again This old lady keeps calling me looking for someone at which I don't know I tell her over and over again she has the wrong number but she insist to keep trying my number...This is real annoying!… [more]