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Life is what you make it. No wonder my life tastes like pickled peppers.

I'm here to be here.

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I Have a Confession

When I starte seeing you, I was still married. You saved me. You made me feel special. Now I'm divorced, I'm confused as to what a relationship is suppose to be like. You've tinkered with my brain... [more]
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  • I Had An Affair

    Little Work Wifey I first saw him when he was training in my branch of the company. I was instantly attracted to him, but I had just returned from maternity leave and was fairly happy with my life in 2007. We grew frie… [more]
  • I Am a Mother of 3

    I Was A Teen Mom...Twice. When I was 14 I started having sex. My boyfriend and I loved each other very much and thought it felt right at the time. We broke up, but still "got together" now and then. It was on one of these occa… [more]
  • I Like Big Men

    Hold Me Nothing in the world compares to a warm embrace by big strong arms. Looking up into eyes that see from a view that I will never catch a glimpse of. I love big men to hold me. They make me feel so safe… [more]