Male , 26-30
Feeling lonely
Just realized that my friend wasn't my friend.

I am quite, very quite. to the point of annoyance of other people. I am also very stubborn. Not to the point of idiocy. But once I have truly decided to do something. I get it done.

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Books Science fiction/fantasy. Astrophysics
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Movies Sherlock Holmes.... or just robert downey jr. in general.
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I Have Trust Issues

It Didn't Work A while ago, a long while ago I posted a short about my inability to trust anyone. I set out to find out what this meant, and why I couldn't show it. It's been close to a year, I have no answer. I... [more]
  • I Have Trust Issues

    Maybe Someone Here Can Answer This. Growing up, Trust, among other things, was something that I was never taught. It's a very hollow word for me. I don't know what it means beyond it's text book definition, and I don't know how to expre… [more]
  • I Perform Random Acts Of Kindness

    5 Dollar Car Wash One of my coworkers took up detonations a few days ago to help a girl in need of a wheel chair. All he was asking for was five dollars. Most people gave him that others gave him 20. When I moved up th… [more]
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