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Full time Federal Security Guard, Full time college student, Full time mommy and wife!

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I Love to Read About Ghosts and Hauntings

I Am Not Your Mother A couple of months back I was lying on the couch getting comfy for an afternoon nap. My kiddos were in their bedroom which is on the other side of the wall i was facing. I could hear them giggling and... [more]
  • I Want to Lose Weight

    Proactive In My Weight Loss well i am 140lbs overweight and am currently undergoing a doctor prescribed meds, exercise, and diet program. wish me luck people and i am wishing luck to all of you aswell… [more]
  • I Null

    I Can Do Anything I Have To Do After my parents split up, I chose to live with my father while my mom moved out of state to start her new family. My father was a very bad diabetic, but the doctors were very good at teaching me how … [more]
  • I Took the Personality Disorder Test

    Wow Really i took the test and it said i have obsessive compulsive personality disorder. the crazy thing is my friends always joke about me having OCD.… [more]
  • I Like Creative Writing

    The House Of The Forgotten (just A Passage Of The Actual Story) The rain poured down in solid sheets that made it almost impossible to see the twists and turns of the unfamiliar road. Emerie Jenkins was attempting to make up for lost time by¬†soaring passed the po… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I Think I May Have Depression
    I am changing. I used to feel like i was accomplishing something with all my hardwork. Now it feels like all those things i viewed as blessings have turned into curses. But even that doesnt feel real to me. I keep doing everything i know i need to do to make my family's life better, but i find no joy or pride in them anymore. I am scared i may have depression and i dont want to jeopardize everything i have worked for by quitting, but i find it sooooo difficult to make myself keep going. i cry alot and if you knew me you would know that i never cry. i have never in all my life been so weak as to not be able to control my emotions. now for some insane reason i have been spilling all of them on… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    killing two birds with one stone
    Way back in high school during cheerleading tryouts i made a huge blunder. After our cheer we were supposed to do a hurkie and either cheer "Go Spartans!" or "Caldwell your number one!" Anyway we finished the group cheer and began our solos. I performed my cheer flawlessly, but at the end (infront of all the varsity cheerleaders including the co and the captain) i shouted Go Spartwell your number one! to which a loud and mortifying laughter arose from the group of girls i was so depending upon to make the team. luckily the captain was a sweet girl who smoothed it over with some humor of her own by saying now thats killing two birds with one stone. i guess you could consider that multicheerle… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Now That Was Creepy
    Ok. So I was  on my way to work last night, and I had taken both mine and my husbands cell phones with me so that I could call our service provider about changing his activation zipcode. I was driving down the back road to avoid all the red lights when suddenly one of the phones made a strange noise. I picked each one up to see if they had received a message but neither had. I put them down, and continued to keep driving. A few moments later my phone text message ring tone goes off. I pick it up expecting it to be my nephew who texts me every night while on my way to work, but it isnt him. It says the message is from my husbands phone. My hair kind of stood on end, but i opened it anyway. Th… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I double dip, and my sister hates it. She is a big time germ a phobe lol. We share DNA and she still wont share her drink with me lol. I am a super neat freak, have impeccable hygiene, and for the life of me i cannot understand her reaction when i steal a sip of her cola. lol now i do it just to irritate her, but its ok because i have ocd and she is constantly rearranging my stuff. She will mess with my books and not put them back in alphabetical order. she will move my condiment bottles and not put them back in order of smallest to largest. we drive each other nuts, but she is my best friend and i couldnt make it without her.… [more]