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I Hate My Neighbor

Apartment Living At Its Finest... I live in the Bronx in NYC. A nice, quiet neighborhood but still, you shouldn't expect silence. I enjoy a lot of aspects of apartment living. No home repair costs. Heat is included in rent. If... [more]
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    Passive aggressive road rage?
    Not all the time, but sometimes, when Im in a bad mood or having a bad day.... I find a sick satisfaction in annoying someone on the highway. If someone is cutting in and out of traffic and getting mad at drivers who just happen to be in a spot they would like to be in.... I like to antagonize them. Sometimes I'll get in front of them, and I wont make a face. I wont gesture. I wont be particularly angry or anything... I'll just get in front of them, and when I get next to a car in the next lane.... ill take my foot off the gas. I wont step on the brakes... I'll just take my foot off the gas and slow down until Im pacing the car next to me and the person behind me cant get by. I find it reall… [more]