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Still in Peru. Still running my Chinese Pizzeria and Barbecue. Lately I'm watching as fans on the Internet are spreading the word on my Joe Detective novel series on Amazon and Smashwords. I've never seen anything like it,
I love corresponding with bright people and especially friends with the eminently good taste and dark humor it takes to be fans of my novels.

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I Do Not Support Gun Control

Repeal Of The 2nd Amendment Vs. Common Sense Repeal of the 2nd Amendment vs. Common Sense JH Gordon Author’s note: I don’t usually reprint things without permission, but in this case the author is anonymous and the piece... [more]
  • I Want to Write a Song

    Joe Detective Writing a song or writing a novel may be a matter of allowing them to happen.  I believe all words are music whether they are gently soothing, evocative of our spiritual nature, appeal to our most ba… [more]
  • Pizza Peru and Joe Detective

    Posted on: May 30th, 2012 at 2:02AM

    Sitting in front of this screen all day is becoming a dry-eye experience. I'm pounding out another detective novel and it's coming so fast I can't quit. Finally, I reached a point where I had to walk away from it. It's my eighth Joe Detective novel and my editor in California wants more galleys. That's wonderful in theory. I'm beginning to feel like Pavlov's dog. I walk away from the computer, walk out into my pizza parlor, and I can't see if the place was cleaned up or not. Then I salivate a little and go back to check email. Woof. MY eyes are being glared into blindness. How I suffer for my art. Or is that arf? The 2 Am traffic is different than day or evening. I'm living in Peru and these… [more]


  • Joe Detective is a 799 page expetive...

    Posted on: June 5th, 2012 at 5:27PM

    So Joe confronts the Mexican Mafia Don but has sense enough to bring along the first female Italian Mafia Don as his date and the Arch Bishop of San Francisco as her chaperone.  Talk about insurance.He's giving the guy a no win warning to quit enabling a South American born Bruja who uses Devil's Breath to create zombie-like assassins. Why not, the CIA does... But the stuff has been around since they talked a virgin into having her heart cut out on top of a pyramid to insure a good harvest.We call Devil's Breath Scopolamine and it's the original date-rape drug for virgin sacrifices. A little Devil's Breath from the Borrachero Tree and you'll do anything and remember nothing. No wonder native… [more]