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I Want to Live Life to the Fullest

My Life i am jovelyn,just call me jhovie in short. i am 23 years old,turning 24 this coming January 24. life is too short,so i share my story here,hope this will not bother the readers. [more]
  • I Am Just a Simple Girl

    Simple i am just simple girl who has simple life and simple dream for life. simple as in simple i was.… [more]
  • I Hate Alcohol

    It Affect My Personality some people like drinking alcohol,right? then,i am not. all my friend drink alcohol,when i was with them i am so selfish. they wanted me to drink this but i don't, why?because,… [more]
  • I Am Conservative

    Feelings feelings can explore when you fall in love but it also concern if you failed. neither you succeed or not. feelings change if you change. if i am in love,my feelings is almost … [more]
  • I Love People

    Heart In GOD words, love your neighbor as you love your self. i am just human who love ,so spread the love of god to people. be a lover of nature too. if you love god then lov… [more]