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I Am Not The Party Type

My Choice.. I prefer to stay home..Or to go out and walk..With friends maybe..Or to stay home on my computer..But I don't like the party..I don't like to go in clubs or in restaurants..I am young..But I never... [more]
Jigoku has shared 4 Mature Experiences
  • I Im a Young Girl and Im Attracted to Older Men

    Let's See.. I am attracted by older men..but just of the ones who look like an 25 -30 man..who are looking younger°s like..I liked once a man who was 33 y old .. but he looked like a 23 one ..It°s not that… [more]
  • I Adore Asians

    I Just Love Them I am so attracted by asians.. It°s like when I see a normal guy I say ..ok I like him.. But when I see an asian guy it°s like the fire inside of me gets on.. .I go crazy .. O_O..inside of me -.-°..… [more]
  • I Am Evil

    Hmm.. . I don't know if I am evil(I think yes)..I am not crazy..But sometimes it's like I am thinking about..How to kill my brother..It seems to real..Once I was almost wanted to do it..I would like to bind h… [more]
  • I Love Japan I Crazy?..i Think Not.. I love Japan..I°m going to learn the language..I love the culture..For me Japan it°s like a dream from who you never want to wake up..It°s not something that I could change..It°s forever..… [more]