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I Write Poetry and Short Stories

For My Entertainment.. yeah.. i've been messing around.. i edit my friends pictures in FB nothing im just bored i never thought it will become an issue.. cos they been doing same thing around [more]
  • I Like to Collect Quotes

    Emotional Strength the real test of emotional strength is to make fun out of your problems~ MIA… [more]
  • I Love These Lyrics

    Just A Dream Nelly was thinking about her Thinking bout me Thinkin bout us (us) What we gunna be? Open my eyes, (Yeah) it was only just a dream... So I drive on back (uh)… [more]
  • I Never Kissed Anyone Yet

    The Most Awful Truth!! yeah.. never kissed anyone yet.. hahahahaha and i'm proud!!… [more]
  • I Am Not Religious

    I'm Confused First i was really a Roman Catholic. .because of my family and relatives and i came from a catholic school but when I reached high school .. i used to make my own decisions.. and se… [more]
  • School Confessions

    stupid and careless
    After the class i read the bulletin post that we can change our subjects..and there are several subjects which is available.. i said " i want to change my current sujects because its non-sense boring, and i hate it.. " and my professor was just on the side and i know he heard me!!! ^_^ well .. its true.. and i don't regret saying that.. hahaha i know im mean and it happeneds all the time.. everytime i open my mouth..… [more]