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so, im gonna move out! thinkin if i get knocked up ill be set lol

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I Am Suicidal

Why I'm Not Dead The only reason i'm not  dead yet.there are still people who love me.i could die , but that would just take all my pain and put in on my loved ones.i can't do that.they... [more]
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  • I Want To Be A Baby Again

    I Have Infantilism, Always Have My whole life i have wanted to be a baby,dipers ,bottles, passes in all.for as longas i can remeber its ben this was. dreaming of being in a diper being breast fed. i have done as sorts of things… [more]
  • I Look Like My Father

    I Look So Much Like My Dad That I Offten Get Mistaken As My Aunts Daughter i am my dad's daughter.every time my dad introduces me to a coworker or friend of his they( women always say it) always say "o you look just like your dad" or "wow you look so much like you dad". … [more]
  • I Have Put Makeup On a Guy

    When I Was A Kid When i was younger my older sister and sometimes my cousins and i would dress my Little brother up as a girl and put make up on him. We would put his hair up and he would walk around as a girlwe… [more]
  • I In Memory Of A Lost Loved One

    Lost My Little Sister At Only 18 My little sister died 3/31/12 at the young age of only 18she had a horrible death.she died because she fell from 9 stores up.she shouldn't be dead, she would still be alive if she … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I am a pathetic waste
    my friends are lame, i don't go out . i just hide in my goodie two shes shell and let people thing I'm great because i get good grade and don't get into trouble . i look around and my sibling all have lots of friends and great memories of going out with all there friends. i don't have that, my friends are lame and just do school work and can't even spare a moment to text me back i am going to graduate and I'm still going to be a lame virgin with no life, i hate my life. .i hate my life so much that i just want to be done. i want to die and let people remember me as a good kid .that is it. my parents are in Texas on vacation with there friends, my little brother just left with his friends lik… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I don't like growing up, and instead of being super happy about my birthday, i have to try and be happy looking. i don't want to 18. i got really depressed after my birthday and i was quite a grump on my birthday. I'm still not vary happy like i used to be. this has ben happening for years but it was worse this year. i just don't like my birthday. i just want to yell at the top of my lungs i want people to feel my pain i want to be reckless I want to go WILD!!!!!!!!!!! i want to forget what people think and just do what i want!!!!!!!!… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I'm suicidal
    I have suicidal thoughts ,often. I can normally keep them in the back of my mind with all my other problems. My parents were worried about me because I was depressed ,so they got me a shrink. My parents don't know that I'm suicidal thou ,I think its for the best. But when i get really upset and i feel trapped my suicidal thoughts get out of control . They are out of control right now, that is why I'm writing this. I want to go get one of my dad's guys and shout my self in the head, but i know how bad my death would hurt my family. so I sit here and write, I could call my shrink like she told me to, but I have not had to go see her in months and I don't want anyone( i know) to know my proble… [more]