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I Love The Artwork Of Irene Nowicki

To Me, Her Work Is Unique Irene is my wife so I naturally like, love and appreciate her art work. You can see it for your self over here...... [more]
jimrich has shared 15 Mature Experiences
  • I Was Paddled At School

    School Insanity My friend and I were playing grab-*** while going down the stairs to the 8th grade wood shop class and the teacher, Mr. B, saw us and took us both aside while the other students went on in to the shop… [more]
  • I Am Loved By the Most Wonderful Person In the World

    The Most Knowledgeable Person In The World I am fortunate to be with a person who actually KNOWS HOW to make a relationship work. We keep our love alive and well with just a few simple easy relationship skills and techniques we learned w… [more]
  • I Was a Bed Wetter

    I Wet The Bed For Many Years.... ....from about 4-5 until about 10-11 when nocturnal erections began and helped me wake of to "go". This was the single most horrifying and depressing period of my life but I've finally come to under… [more]
  • I Believe Spanking Is a Perfectly Fine Way of Discipline

    You Deserved It. One of the most common and ridiculous LIES in families is the notion that someone deserves something and it's the most abused excuse in child rearing. I suppose everyone "deserves" some kind of punis… [more]