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I Cant Believe My Ex

This Happened Twice so  i was going with a girl for seven months.  i decided to go to my cousins birthday party.  i asked everyone i lived with and her if the wanted to go but they said no.  it was... [more]
jmx931 has shared 28 Mature Experiences
  • I Love Milk

    Milk Withdrawal so ever since i was little the only liquid i would intake is milk and water.  i have never drank a full can of pop/soda. probably only had five sips of it my whole life.   anyways, if … [more]
  • I Smoked Salvia

    My Death To Salvia once again i apologize for how much i jump around.  but enjoy reading them if you can keep up. i have done many drugs.  dmt, 2ci, lsd, mdma, psyiloscybes.  but salvia, salv… [more]
  • I Had a Bad Drug Experience

    Biker Gang Meyham   so my best friend Brandon and i decided to go to a a local music festival.  it was called the hog barn.  before we went we smoked a lot of weed and dosed up on some mauli.  … [more]
  • I Wonder, Do You Prefer Skirts Or Dresses As A Male

    Growing Up there was just something always about a girl in a skirt.  i would notice them faster than i would a girl in a dress.  i think its that whole idea of maybe ill see whats up there.  or wo… [more]