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I Love Playing In the Mud

A Uniformed Wallow At The Spa. I managed to get in the mudbath in all my clothes today, after work had finished. I hadn't really planned it so didn't have any extra clothes with me, but just couldn't resist it! When everyone had... [more]
  • I Love Playing In the Mud

    A Tipsy Dunk In The Mud In Nice Clothes! I had a fully clothed dip in my mudpit last night. I'd been to the pub with friends and was a bit tipsy when I got home. I found that I just couldn't resist the lure of the ooze! I'd put nice clothes … [more]
  • I Love Playing In the Mud

    Boots Full Of Mud! How Nice! This week I came up with a crazy idea. I had to go to work and thought it would be fun to wear my ankle boots, but fill them up with mud before putting them on! I wanted to see if I could get through … [more]
  • I Like Women In Mud Fully Clothed

    A Muddy Rescue Hi, I'd like to share another story with you about getting muddy with my friend (you may remember, she's a work colleague). One evening, she rang my mobile and sounded a bit panicky. She told me she w… [more]
  • I Like Women In Mud Fully Clothed

    My Mud Loving Friend After the very enjoyable charity mudbath, I was intrigued to talk to my co-wallower about her desire to get muddy. She was clearly very up for it, and I wondered if we could hang out and play together… [more]