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I Write Poetry

don't hold it against me have you ever wondered? if you were the one being misled? times where you couldn't make a path for yourself blaming yourself instead [more]
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  • I Sometimes Feel Like Life Is Laughing At Me

    Here's A Small Poem I Wrote How Things Change. "what am i suppose 2 do."   sitting by a local park, with my friends i was young,small, and always came up with the master plan i discuss with my frie… [more]
  • I Don't Want to Be Alone Forever

    Thank You, Woman I "thought" I'd Spend My Life Together With. well you've crushed me, i don't have the confidence to go outsideto meet new womento be happy againthis phobia, and anger has stayed with me for the passed 3 years, since we've… [more]
  • I Experience Through Poetry

    The Life That Once Was (my Poem) i don't got much money but you don't have to look down give me a nickel so i could turn around as my pain didn't mean nothing in my face your money you was… [more]
  • I Wrote a Poem

    Personal Poem By Me (enjoy If You Like And Add Me As A Friend) fake wedding   i heard you're getting married is it really true? you told me you wasn't ready the times when it was just me and you you been acti… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    no suicide (poem)
    what you feel, nobody believes the words you say and day by day you feel enraged, feeling like you need to be saved with all the days exploding your life like a hand grenade "yeah mother not today, i'm trying to finish planning my suicidal dreams" to afraid to tell her in real life, its just something that'll be such a relief but do you really believe? a bullet to the head will you give you eternal happiness for you to recieve dont you want to someday have a child, someone you can prevent having these suicidal tendecies don't you want to live to the fullest? cause you know we live by the gun but die the bullet we feel bad when we watch tv, or read the newspaper what the person has done, but… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    very personal poem, please check it out
    in this world i'm in too deep gave most of what is me whats its like to have integrity i'm not sure cause i live blind in this world i cannot see who is there to believe? losing all my sanity whose there to find? created this mess or did it make me? am i blessed or do i act differently? spoiled myself i'm not descrete goals, and purposes is what makes me bleed mother what have i done? this desired hate has made me the unwanted son i did not mean to become what you have seen the money, and hunger made me the monster you see do i live a lie or do i speak the truth to better our future or to ruin our youth to believe in our dreams or to stay awake believing its n… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    just going to write a little something here
    (the happiness will come)give me a moment to break downgive me a moment to understand whyall the mistakes had to fall throughsometimes you can never back downyou're pushing yourself awayfrom someone i once knewgive me a moment to knowgive me a moment to say thanksfor all i am, and all i wasstill being the person i am todaybelieving myself in all different situationsthe puzzling task and the configurationi had to knowi didn't want my happiness to goit might come back slowbut i know it will come… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I want to open up a restuarunt, i dont know how i will.. but i want to
    i don't have the money, and i dont have the connectionsall i got is the passion to seeing this vision's wierd, people keep telling me do something more professionalbut i can see myself being happy by doing this, IF i do all the right moves and make the right decisionsi don't know i've always loved the restuarunt scene, which may be wierd to somebecause people go there to just eat ya know.right now, this is just a fantasy i haveand a confessionthanks for reading… [more]