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I Have a Confession

(the happiness will come)give me a moment to break downgive me a moment to understand whyall the mistakes had to fall throughsometimes you can never back downyou're... [more]
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  • I Sometimes Feel Like Life Is Laughing At Me

    Here's A Small Poem I Wrote How Things Change. "what am i suppose 2 do."   sitting by a local park, with my friends i was young,small, and always came up with the master plan i discuss with my frie… [more]
  • I Don't Want to Be Alone Forever

    Thank You, Woman I "thought" I'd Spend My Life Together With. well you've crushed me, i don't have the confidence to go outsideto meet new womento be happy againthis phobia, and anger has stayed with me for the passed 3 years, since we've… [more]
  • I Experience Through Poetry

    The Life That Once Was (my Poem) i don't got much money but you don't have to look down give me a nickel so i could turn around as my pain didn't mean nothing in my face your money you was… [more]
  • I Wrote a Poem

    Personal Poem By Me (enjoy If You Like And Add Me As A Friend) fake wedding   i heard you're getting married is it really true? you told me you wasn't ready the times when it was just me and you you been acti… [more]