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a down to earth person who loves all and studies even while sleeping. Ive been thru a lot and still coming out on top. I strive to be a bit different because i have a good understanding of how many people are and i would love to love everyone even though i may not agree on their ways. Im not perfect either but i know how to love and it comes in more ways than one. The Black Eyed Peas couldnt have said it better... Where is the love? Sex can be awesome but... Its not everything.

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I Must Have Music In My Life

I Play A Different Tune. I play a different tune. Its a very attractive tune to many though. It can be of a loud rockin Electric 6 string Guitar or a nipple perkin buzzy Bass Guitar. It may be a very soothing almost massaging... [more]
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  • I Like Fat Girls

    Sorry But I Think You Are Beautiful. Thats right! I think short fat girls are beautiful. In fact... I can find beauty in most women. I dont know why i was blessed like this. If it is a blessing... But i dont have to look far to see a wom… [more]
  • I Think One Of The Most Important Things Is To Never Give Up

    Why Do Some People Enjoy Hurting Others? why do people enjoy backstabbing inoccent bystanders? The affairs. The divorces. The insulting of a fat lady or even a black person. I encounter many different people and have learned that i can like … [more]
  • I Love Bbw's

    I Think That Short And Curvy Girls Are Beautiful Too if i were a judge @ a beauty pagent i would definetly say that the girl who is between four feet ten & five feet two and between 140 to 220 lbs is a 10. The thing is that women come in all shapes and … [more]
  • I Love Voluptuous Women

    The Big Picture Vouluptuous are much better lovers. Ive experienced all sizes. I figured out a lot of things but women are not one of them. Ive tried. One thing about them though is plus sized women are beauties in m… [more]