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I Have Social Anxiety

A Frustrating Blessing Social Anxiety to me is the worst fear possible for numerous reasons. One of them is because people are ******* EVERYWHERE!!! it is difficult to not keep away from people and when you do, you... [more]
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  • I Don't Care What Anyone Says Size Matters

    Women Are Good At Bullshitting :p Lol when it comes to women pretending they are the queens of it . luckily im not as daft as i look lol women are the kings of pretending and they do it well ........sometimes ;P … [more]
  • I Love Mooji

    Best Discovery On Youtube i hadnt heard of mooji until i came across him on youtube . at first i seen his videos and never really took an interest in them . but for some random reason i clicked on one of his videos . … [more]
  • I Am British

    Im From Durham I am proud to say i am from one of the nicest places in england .  I dont think there is nothing better than going away for a while and forgetting the little things that make your ho… [more]
  • I Don't Believe Soldiers Are Heroes

    I Think This Is Obvious one. how many individual soldiers to you know who decided right i am going in the army to fight for my country ? two. how many do you know went in to boost their ego ? three. how is promot… [more]
  • Blog Beginnings....

    Posted on: March 29th, 2014 at 1:05PM

    Ok I've been on this site for round about 4 years now and I've never felt inclined to do any 'blogging'. Well I've had a change of heart and decided from today I'm going aim to write a little something everyday from now on. I probably won't! What is the point in a Blog anyway ? Do I need to share the trivialities of my daily experience ? Will it not just encourage me to believe that my ' life story' is more significant than it actually is ? Or maybe it will turn into a facebook scenario where if people don't bother with it I'll think I'm a bore ? lol Oh well! I'll soon find out :) who likes blogging ? … [more]