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I Was Blocked

I had two people I used to speak to just disappear over the weekend from my account. One was a bit sad and I think our contact was about to go, but to just have them disappear after a few years in... [more]
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  • I Hate Preachy Christians

    So I was playing golf on the internet, and let out a loud Jeeeeeeesus (loud 'cos there are lots of e's for emphasis see? Good). And then this curious woman started wittering on about how offended sh… [more]
  • I Completely Love Bigger Women -

    with a lovely belly to love and a bottom to push yourself up against with thighs to match, and beautiful big bosom. Oh please, find me one that's available for loving...… [more]
  • I Have A Wonderfully Erotic Online Relationship With A Married

    I have this occasional online 'chat' with a lady I don't know, don't know where she lives, even if the first name I know her by is real. She's absolutely the epitome physically of my ideal woman and … [more]
  • I Would Like To Talk

    someone to talk rudely with...don't care who...just imaginatively grubby … [more]