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Ive learnt to dance like nobody can hear me, sing like nobody is watching and shoplift without getting caught. I awake most mornings an hour before I go to bed. I jog 5 times a week. ( sorry that should say jig, like Homer does when he wins something). I love the adrenalin rush you get when you lean back in an office chair and the back of the chair moves a bit and you think woooaaa Im a gonner here......and then you dont fall. I love the cash machine on paydays. I like that little app that lets you transfer money between accounts, I can send my £10 savings back on forwards for hours on end. I like running a really hot shower in the bathroom , opening up the freezer in the kitchen and then sitting in the rainy bit in the hall where the cold front from the kitchen meets the warm front from the bathroom, oh how I laugh.
I also have a really loud doorbell. I'll tell you what else I love, stopping the microwave with just
a second left to ping, It makes me feel like a bomb disposal expert.

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