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Vices smoking,I like to play videogames, watch tv movies and shows, and I like to roleplay on the computer, also look up videogames movies and tv shows
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I Wishing You Had Powers Or Wishing For Other Things

So many people wish that they had powers or wish they had lots of money, or a better job or other things or even wish they were the opposite gender. There is just so many wishes we all... [more]
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  • I Am Addicted to Cigarettes

    I Am Addicted To Cigarettes This is true even though I dont get to smoke that much I am addicted to cigarettes… [more]
  • I Am Addicted to Youtube

    Opinion On Youtube I have to amit I am addicted to youtube I go on there a lot I have a lot of favorite videos and I have posted a  few videos of my own on youtube… [more]
  • I Have a Myyearbook Account

    My Opinion I also have a myyearbook account but do I say its better than myspace I cant say that I have myspace, myyearbook, I have facebook, I am on youtube but do I say that myyearbook is better than myspace I… [more]
  • I Wonder Would You Switch Genders If It Were Possible

    Gender Switch If I was able to switch genders would I no doubt about it I would love to be a woman if it was possible… [more]
  • the type of woman I am looking for

    Posted on: October 4th, 2014 at 10:45AM

    1. I am looking for someone from 18 to 33 or whatever age is appropriate for me up to 33 2. someone who loves to smoke cigarettes I prefer someone who smokes up to a pack or 2 they can smoke more than that also I would prefer but is not reconmended that they smoke long menthol cigarettes for an example I would prefer if they smoked virginia slims 120's or misty 120s I would prefer anything long and menthol flavored but it dont have to be but like I said I would prefer it though 3. someone who is rich I prefer this cause I dont have any money or a job and I cant take care of myself if I had a job and money than someone rich would not matter 4. I prefer someone who loves to play videogames 5. … [more]


  • I hope i will meet a nice beautiful rich woman around my age some day

    Posted on: April 13th, 2014 at 10:50AM

    someone around either 18 to 33 or 24 to 33 whatever is more appropriate for my age point is i hope to meet a nice beautiful rich woman who wouldn't mind being with me someone who does not care that i have no money and not rich does not care that i am immature for my age someone who wont mind taking care of me I know most people will think I am a lazy bum and just using them for money or think thats all I am after but the fact is its not yes it is true I am a lazy bum all I do is sit around and play videogames or watch tv movies or series or go on the computer to roleplay or look up videogames or movies or tv series or shows or go on to roleplay but I also go to websites hoping to find a girl… [more]


  • blog 7

    Posted on: April 13th, 2014 at 8:31AM

    its been a while i know in this blog i want to say i need a real miracle my life is complicated i am immature for my age i am 30 years old will be 31 this december no joke everything i put is real i am not good with jokes really not good at lieing either to honest for my own good but anyway back to the point i am 30 physically mentally i dont know cause i dont act my age i have add also which stands for attention deficit disorder for a long time i have been lazy and spoiled never cleaned my room basically i did not ever do much other than sit around and either play videogames or watch movies or tv shows or go on the computer and look up videogames movies or tv shows or roleplay nothing else … [more]


  • an explanation and an apology

    Posted on: October 4th, 2014 at 8:33PM

    Hi I want to say that I am not good with puctionation and all of that so most of the time everything I say is like a run on sentence so all I can say is sorry for that I was never good at it so all I can say is sorry please forgive me and try and make sense with everything I say try to put them in their spots yourself and try to understand what I am saying or if it bothers you please feel free to not read anything I post cause I cant do nothing about it for you either know what I am saying or you dont thats all I can say so again sorry I cant make it more clear for you… [more]