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I Fell In Love With Someone I Met Online

I Believe We Found Each Other For A Reason I met someone online 6 months ago and in online terms it doesn't seem as long as with some people but it's been enough for me to fall head over heels for this guy! Right from the start we... [more]
Jonttura has shared 2 Mature Experiences
  • I Made a Mistake

    I Hurt Someone I Love I said something behind a persons back and she heard about it. The thing is I didn't mean it to be hurtful, I didn't even consider it for a second because I wouldn't get offended for that. Why don't I… [more]
  • I May Have Bipolar

    Intoxicating Ups And Intense Downs I have always been a really sensitive and shy person. I feel that everything around me has a much stronger effect on me. If something is wrong it's really wrong. If something is wonderful the world is… [more]
  • I Search For The One

    Forever An object I am young woman and been single (against my will) for a couple of years. I've noticed that guys do take interest in me but for some reason they only want have sex with me. No one wants to see my pers… [more]