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A happy cd, that likes to be en femme

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I Love Cross Dressers

My Favorite Day With Another Crossdresser. I know many crossdressers here locally. But this was my favorite day that I spent with a crossdresser. She came over in the early afternoon and we spent the day just sitting outside relaxing and... [more]
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  • I Crossdress And Suck Cocks

    The First Time I Dressed And Gave A Man A Blow Job I had been dressing for over a year almost full time except for work. I met this guy and he was nice to me and we were just friends. He would just pop in and caught me dressed. He looked at me confuse… [more]
  • I Want Suck Dicks Shemales

    My Roommate Is Tv We met a while ago and since i have a house with 3 bedrooms. She was unsure not knowing she was a cd/tv and i had my doubts for the same reason. So we have sucked each other but the most fun we have i… [more]
  • I Had Rest Area Sex

    Its Where I Started, One Of My First Times One of the first times I had sex was late at night at a rest area. I had stopped there before to use the facilities and noticed the writing on the wall. Being young and horny I wanted to check it out,… [more]
  • I Went To Adult Bookstore

    Lions Den If you are driving cross country and see a Lions Den stop in, at least it will break up your trip. Admittedly there is no adult play at these stores (at least not the ones I've been in) but its a sex … [more]