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Oh, I am a fella. I do things sometimes. Sometimes not. Who knows?

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I Love Experimental Music

Auditory Sensations I actually didn't listen to that much music growing up. My dad liked ZZ Top. My mom liked Eric Clapton. I didn't like either of these. I listened to Weird Al. His music had humorous lyrics and... [more]
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  • I Hate Myself

    I Don't Know Why I Am Writing This I feel like a complete sack of **** a lot of the time. When I am drunk or high or having sex with somebody I can forget about it for a while. Sometimes I will be in a relationship briefly, and it will… [more]
  • I Like the Addams Family

    I Wish This Was My Family Because creeps and weirdos are the best. Morticia is probably the most attractive woman there ever was. Gomez was quite a stud in the Tim Burton flicks as well. They both have such style.… [more]
  • I Think I Am Ugly

    Um, Alright. So, I don't believe anybody when they tell me I am attractive, except once, and I broke down crying immediately. I think that it must be my ugliness that keeps women from wanting to date me, but… [more]
  • I Like Girls Who Wear Glasses

    Oh, You Too? I guess because I wear glasses I am a glassophile? Who knows? I had a huge crush on Enid Coleslaw in my youth. It's just, you take a girl who is cute and you add glasses and suddenly she i… [more]