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I I'm Learning A New Way

A Change For The Better I'm here reflecting on the before and after of my Christian Journey. And what a contrast it is! Knowing what I do now, seeing things through completely new eyes, I wonder how, in such a short time (6... [more]
  • I A Daily Learning Process

    How To Treat Others Since becoming more intune with myself, and noticing what makes me happy, sad, excited, etc..I've now incorporated into my daily living a conscious effort to acknowledge the effect I have on others. B… [more]
  • I "it Feels Good To Be Me After Years Of Addiction"

    From Hell To Heaven From 13 to 33 I'd endured years of alcohol and drug addiction. My family, friends, neighbors suffered at the hands of what these vices had turned me into. I spent many a night in the prison cells, had… [more]
  • I "it Feels Good To Be Me After Years Of Addiction"

    A Miracle Happened When I was prayed for by many Christians nearly 4 years ago, I was also anointed with oil and received the Holy Spirit. Nothing could have prepared me for how my life has changed, in so many ways, but… [more]
  • I "it Feels Good To Be Me After Years Of Addiction"

    I Am Blessed Since I was a little girl, I'd always wanted to sing. Through my school years I was in the nativity plays, school drama and choir. By my late teens, I'd left school and although I sang still at home, … [more]