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I Am Starting To Hate The Experience Project

I am starting to get so annoy for these web page to many ad's, too many glitches they have not been patched don't even get notifications on time . I am going to remove my account soon, Also the worst... [more]
  • I Am Depressed

    Hello Everyone I feel depress today I also hate people who are materialistic, I feel i can not make friend because i am hard of hearing and over weight. It makes me feel lonely.… [more]
  • I Have Worked A Seasonal Job

    I work in this customer service company that takes calls for this major company which I won't say lulz, but my point is that I get some great calls, and some horrible calls. Every time I get great fee… [more]
  • I Me The Careless

    It Seems I Don't Believe In Anything No More. Well I have several Issues and that what makes me feel unique but I am a person that push himself to it's limit Sometimes I believe in chaos sometime I believe in equality I am a fellow Anonymous memb… [more]
  • I Say F U C K Society

    We live in a world where the pizza gets there first then the police. ******* society bring humanity back.… [more]