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I Have a Broken Heart

Work Crush... So much happened, we worked together and got along real well (so I thought) Some days we would really click. I am really shy and she knew that, She would be the one that would initiate kissing me, and... [more]
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    secondary response...
    So I started coming to this site to get help with a broken heart (my story, work crush read it if you can) I like the site and have also started coming to the site when I am  bored, and to talk to people I have met. So know even when I am having a good day, I come to the site and get updates to my question and stories, So the site that is a big help has also become a trigger reminding me of what I am sad about.… [more]
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    I am about 5 weeks (1/2 way) into a steroid cycle.  I have had good results and no noticeable negative side effects.  I have become increasingly interested in working out and enjoy the journey.  I am starting to have a slight regret, that i can never say I have never taken steroids, I honestly don't know how I feel about it....Who wants to talk to me about it...P.S. I have low self-esteem and I have convinced myself that looking good will solve my problem.… [more]