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I Am Bisexual

i feel so stupid and weak in this modern world that accepts lgbt people so openly but I'm 19 and still not out. there's nothing i fear more than coming out but at the same time i know everyone around... [more]
jsaomney has shared 2 Mature Experiences
  • I Knit

    An Unlikely Knitter... As a 17 year old, male student, it's fair to call me an unlikely knitter. I learnt from a friend after asking where she got her sweater from. Only to find she had made it herself. In the weeks that fo… [more]
  • I Am Alone In This World

    Im Alone In My World im alone in my world, not this world… [more]
  • I Sometimes Wish I Could Just Run Away

    How Great Would A Life In The Wild Be? I have a fairly short history of depression. For various reasons I ended up on prescribed antidepressants which worked but when I stopped taking them I ended up in a state of feeling very trapped, I w… [more]
  • I Have a Question

    Whats Better living with someone you love, but all the time. and having to go out of your way to help them when you could be doing much more enjoyable things that youd also much prefer to do. OR... said person not… [more]