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i am bisexual. i am stoic. dont talk alot cept to my friends. great at math and science,ss etc

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I Want People to Share Their Poetry

Story Of Love First time meeting we say hiIt's all awkwardas we just stand there trying to find something to saySlowly but surely a friendship growstime spent laughing... [more]
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    Teachers Good Intentions Gone Wrong Don't you just love it when teachers' good intentions go amuck!!! An elementary school class started a class project to make a planter to take home to their parents. They wanted to have a plant i… [more]
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    Funny Caution Sign … [more]
  • I Love These Lyrics

    Tiffany Alvord's Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover i wish i found this song earlierit amazingWhen I told you, I didn't need youThat's when, I needed you the mostBut you weren't thereSo I'll just cry myself to sleep… [more]
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    Understanding Computer Tech With A Toilet have you never understood computer technology well with the help of this picture of a toilet u will… [more]
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    you-who can see the fake from the truth no matter how hard i try to cover it up
    i put on a fake smile every single day b/c if i dont people will wonder why i am sad so to avoid questions i put on a fake smile and my true feelings are hidden inside but you are different you see my pain you realize my smile is different than when its fake and when its real you look into my eyes and see all the pain in me i realize that you understand me and care bout me and you were my true friend so i let my normal trust issues falter and i told you anything you asked and gave you everything in my power i could give you then you did something i wouldnt even think of you betrayed me and acted as if nothing happened then became my friend again … [more]
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    Haters in school
    Everyone has done this before: you're nice to someone to their face and then when they leave you say to your friend or something and go "Gosh, she/he's so annoying". I know I do it too but really how many haters are there in school? My elementary school had much worse but even now there are so many haters. People who hear stuff from someone else and then automatically assume it's true and then have bad opinions about someone. Or assume something about someone without taking the time to know them. I know that I've done this before; it's like human nature. It's so annoying. I honestly think no one in my grade deserves a bad reputation. No one is really a bad person. Some people may not do grea… [more]
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    i was so happy when i got home and now i feel sad
    i expected vpms to be here online waiting for me to come oninstead none of my friends were onlineand i decided to check her profile to see if she was online at all todayi could'nt find itthis happened to me with another person-my gfand she had delted her accountfear was the first thing i feltb/c i cared about her and was gonna ask her todayask her to be my gfand then i tried mailing herep told me her username is non existantyou cant delete a acount by accidentWHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR TO ME?WHY DO PPL I CARE ABOUT LEAVE?WHY?… [more]
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    i keep falling for her when i know she's never gonna care
    I wish I can control who I lovebut I can'teach timeshe looks at meI see her sweet smileher hazel eyeswith the light shining into itand I see all the different colorsthe hazel and light brown and all those different colorsI fall for itagain and againand I feel so idiotic'cuz the next dayshe goes off with her friendsleaving me alonefeeling like an idiot againbut when she needs meto do one thing or anothershe gives me that lookagain and the cycle doesn't endseeing that look makes me forgetthe painof this.I realize she's like Taylorjust uses mebut never cares about me.and never will.It's like lovinga personwho I hate.Love works in a weird way.… [more]

    Posted on: June 17th, 2011 at 6:37PM

    1.warflow2.dragon's call3.legends of xian4. sacred seasons morrpg5. sacred seasons 26. heroes of gaia7. swords and potions8.dream world9. good game farmer10. rock ageMy mood: extremely sad, annoyed and a whole bunch… [more]