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Owner of Elk Grove Paranormal Investigations and member of the Elk Grove Historical Society. I , along with my group investigate all things paranormal.

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I Love Ghost Stories

Amazing Investigation Of 100 Year Old Elementary School Originally this building was used as Elementary School here is the link to our page: The reason for... [more]
  • I Know Demons Are Real

    Real Demon Case As a paranormal investigator I get to see some amazing and crazy things. This story tops all that. During one investigations our clients informed us that they had seen demonic entity that would … [more]
  • I Signs Of The End Of The World

    Is The Weather A Sign Of The End Of The World? Yesterday I was watching the crazy show were people are preparing for the apocalypse, 'Dooms Day Pepper’s" and my son turns to me and asks "Is it going to rain cats and dogs?!" I said "More like, pi… [more]
  • I Stayed the Night In a Haunted Hotel

    Haunted Murphy's Hotel Investigators for this investigation with History and the Paranormal Check it out! Renee Martine- Lea… [more]
  • I Have Paranormal Experiences

    Elk Grove Paranormal Investigation Investigates Haunted Home In Sacramento video Link: I got a call from a client, her name is Lisa. She explained to me that she had just moved into a home … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I was scared to be on TV
    I went on this show called 'my ghost story'. I went on it because I was with this paranormal group called HPI. Though I loved being apart of this group I felt pressured by the manager of the group to go on the show. Having to talk about it was really scary for me. It was not something I wanted to re-live. This manager is finally out of my life and now I can move on but I just hope that being on tv for that in the future wont effect me negatively.… [more]