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I Love Nature

Absorbing Nature About a year ago my car broke down so I had to walk 6 miles super early to get there on time. I had gotten so used to driving and passing the world by that I never noticed how peaceful and... [more]
jukeflin has shared 8 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Rejected By My Family

    They've Turned Their Backs I used to love going to see my family. When me and my cousins were young we'd all play together all the time! But as we grew into our teen years it became clear that we didn't have much in common anym… [more]
  • I Am African American

    Black, But Can't Say I'm Proud.. I don't really know why, but since I was a child the "black community" has rejected me. I would get teased all the time. Walk into church and get the stink eye. My family has even turned their back on… [more]
  • I Love Anime

    Anime Changed My Life! It is true! I lived in a very abusive environment growing up as a child. But one day I discover Pokemon and I see this world! These wonderful characters and a story with a plot with an end… [more]
  • I Love Pokemon

    Pokemon Fan For 17 Years! Can't believe I've been in it so long! But what can I say! Once a Pokemon Master ALWAYS a Pokemon Master! Haha =)… [more]