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      Never play with the feelings of others, u may win the game. But the risk is that u may loose the person for alyf tym. Yes. The coin always make sound, as the currency notes are always silent, yees, wen ur value increases stay silent, yet stil, The world suffers much not because of the violence of bad people but because of the silence of good people so spik. Take care of each other n forgive n foget… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    You know wht they say LOVE IS BLIND.. Well, I think emotions any sort of emotion be it sadness, joy, hatred et cetera can blind us. I have seen people let their emotions have the better of them as a result of this their lives have gone through a shift.. I have loved recklessly even though that love consumes me.. Emotions are part of our humanity. But learning how to control them so that they do not control us is one heck of a task but that task is worth taking..… [more]
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    Lyrically speakin
    Thaught i was standing tall,i thaught i had it all. .but baby i was wrong. .coz ur the greatest. .i walked a thousand miles and nothings what i found untill you came around. Coz ur the greatest. .i searched high and low for love just to find out that u were here all along and i know it. .what i wanted. .i should have bin chasing you. .n i was reaching for the stars. .didnt have 2 luk so far. .coz loves where u r. .baby ur the greatest.… [more]
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    Its all about u
    Life is so unanimously short . . .it calls for recognition of the people and times that made you happy ;that spread a smile on your face. . .there are those that broke your heart into a million pieces,and times had to cry yourself to sleep. . .and there are the times you experienced failure. . .It calls for the knowledge that life is not solely about winning,its dwelled on the times that you had an impact on the soul of another and made a change in their lives,thats WINNING!The ultimate weakness of being human is that the tag of our existence bounds us to make mistakes and even at times hurt the ones that we love. . .it proves no stupidity to do so,rather,it proves utmost strength to lift ou… [more]