Male , 26-30

INFP with some INTP traits
I'm always looking for ways to encompass other points of view and I try to understand something before I react to it, though this doesn't always happen the way I would like it to :)
I believe that learning about ourselves will bring us to where we want to go.

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  • a little South African
  • and a little Mauritian
  • and a little Swiss
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Music The Strokes, Justice, Julian Casablancas, Florence + the Machine, Kings of Leon, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Coldplay, Serj Tankian, System of a Down, Miami Horror, Foster the People, Arcade Fire, The Bravery
Movies Anything with good allegorical content
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I Write Poetry

Those People Then there are those who claim to know the infinite, they walk right up to the veil between themselves and true knowledge, stare at it,touch it, sit in front of it but don't dare look through. They... [more]
  • I Am An Empath

    Not Sure How It Helps To Give It A Name But Yeah, I'm An Empath. Yes, I have looked around the web and I seem to be an empath and yes it seems to make me quite introverted around certain people, people who (I sense) wouldn't have a clue what I'm talking about if I … [more]
  • I Am a Student of the Occult

    I Go Through Cycles I go through these cycles. Cycles of becoming an information sponge and then moving onto creative things like making music, art and design untilĀ I go back to learning again. My learning period includ… [more]
  • I Love Psychology

    Archetypes 'Archetype' defies simple definition. The word derives from a Greek compound of arche and tupos. Arche or 'first principle' points to the creative source, which cannot be represented or seen directly.… [more]
  • I Am a Student of the Occult

    Knowledge of the Higher Worlds (Anyone Interested In Esotericism Should Read This) How Is Knowledge of the Higher Worlds Attained? Conditions There slumber in every human being faculties by means of which he can acquire for himself a knowledge … [more]