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About Cultural preservationist and suvior from the 60s. With age a bit more selective in the meek exisitance of what we call life. Question decesions then and now. Go with the gut and not the heart only to survive. Yet that is not really me. Passion for my writtings and always there for me- my music- of the 5-0s and 60's, My dog, Kirby, a stray who wandered onto the grounds 10 years ago and has never left my side. The scant few friends and the only ones that I've made my entire life -seem to distant themselfs. There are the few caring as I trudge on thinking that I was born too late. What happen to the "Leave It to Beaverism" that America left behind? Muck this Felleninum. <br /><br /> A lot more agressive and nowhere to channel thoughts ideas, emotions but a strak cold screen. <br /><br /> Never a team pla<x>yer and the anti-authority I tolerate only so that others- my exstensive time consumming job- can tolerate me.<br /><br /> To unravel is to unleash and prosper or attemp t to.. is anybody absorbing this>>?<br /><br /> Open the thedoor ,if you care to, and see what's on the inside....
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