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An unusual, spicy "gumbo"; an at times, over the top hedonist; a storm waiting to happen; a happy, quiet loner; a thinker; nerdy and proud of it; a maverick; one who "thinks outside the box"; unapologetically real and raw.

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  • a little Creole
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I Am An ******, and 'kiddie ****" Ind Survivor

Well, If You Really Want to Know... I started this group/forum several months ago, as a safe place where adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse could meet, to talk about what happened to them as children, how it has affected them... [more]
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  • I Am An Incest, and 'kiddie Porn" Ind Survivor

    Looking For Other ******, and "Kiddie **** Survivors"... Hi -       I am looking for other survivors that might want to share their stories, or just talk about what they went through, and how it has impacted their lives to… [more]
  • I Was Disowned By My Family

    Me, Too... I told the truth about a horrible, abusive situation, and was forever shunned for my "courage".  *It is a hard thing -  to do what you feel to be right, and then to get "… [more]
  • I Am Sick of My Angry Husband

    They're Everywhere... Trust me on this - angry, negative people come in all different "flavors".  ( My "angry person" happens to be male, Cherokee, and Polish "flavored", but they are … [more]
  • I Believe Spanking Is a Perfectly Fine Way of Discipline

    A Veteran Nanny Weighs In...     None of you in here, are not going to like this, but I disagree.  Most people in this forum, have only raised their own kids.  I've raised everyone else's.  I star… [more]
  • Destruction, shock, and awe...

    Posted on: March 6th, 2008 at 12:07PM

    On Wednesday, February 27th, around lunchtime, our home caught fire. Although, it did not burn to the ground completely, the damage was extensive, ( in excess of $100,000 ). Sadly, in addition to this terrible tragedy, we also lost one of our beloved cats, ( Moggie - R.I.P ), he is missing, and presumed deceased. The house is almost a complete loss, and the contents are a complete loss. ( What the fire did not get, the smoke, and the water did. ) What was once tidy, and squeaky clean, is now charred, and covered in soot and ashes. Precious family photos, and treasured mementos, are burned beyond recognition. Not only were seven years of back breaking renovations lost, but almost a qua… [more]


  • Starting Over

    Posted on: April 23rd, 2008 at 5:08PM

    After a devastating house fire, back in February, my husband and I have been giving a lot of thought lately, as to what the future will hold for us. ( Do we stay, and go through the re-building process, or cut our loses, and go elsewhere? ) To complicate matters further, due to the fire, rising fuel prices, and the current crap economy, we have decided to close the doors on our small, family-run business, as well. In less than 45 days, our entire world has been turned upside down. Life, as we once knew it, no longer exists. "Change" has become the only constant in this strange, new existence. As I sit here writing, I am afraid that yet another change is in the works for us. Last nig… [more]


  • Ghost stories, time travel, and other musings...

    Posted on: November 15th, 2007 at 12:33PM

    Standing under a cold, gray sky, I am awed at this world, and all of it's many mysteries. The brisk November wind strips our old maples of the last of their autumn finery; the leaves fall like nature's confetti onto the damp ground. It is late Autumn here in New England, and that means dealing with the two seasonal unpleasantries - tourists and leaf raking. Actually, I have never really minded the leaves. I enjoy their satisfying, earthy crunch under my Wellies, as I herd them into scattered piles around our yard. As I straighten up from my work, popping and stretching my ever-complaining, forty-year old back, my attention is drawn upwards towards the second floor window… [more]


  • I'm back!

    Posted on: June 18th, 2009 at 9:51AM

    Well, it's been almost six months since I'm been on here. { DANG, I missed you guys! ;-} As most of you know, our home back in MA was destroyed, due to fire, and we re-located to NY. We are currently living in our camp, actually. ( We had a fishing camp on Cayuga Creek, in upstate NY, and after we lost the house, and the business, we moved here. ) No, there are no real plans at the moment. Honestly, we are just taking it one day at time, right now. The old camp needed a lot of work, and still does. The renovations have been keeping us busy for the last few months, but now that it is livable, and functional, at least, my husband has begun looking for work, again. Will we settle … [more]