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I'm just me. Most will never understand the real me. Generally I don't even know me, but it's time to find that person. I've probably made more bad decisions then good, but the good have been great. I'm raising two handsome little boys into what I hope will be amazing men. They give me meaning in life. I've got a gorgeous daughter that I gave up to my parents. I just wasn't ready to be all that she deserved. I regret this choice daily. If I could change the past I would. I married the man I thought was my soulmate after a devastatingly failed marriage to a bipolar man. Now I frequently question if I made the same mistake twice. Overall, I have an extreme urge to succeed, to fix my past mistakes & create the best life possible for myself & my children. If that means doing it all alone or jumping through hoops of fire I'm finally ready. It's time. I will conquer the world in the end.

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Vices Cigarettes... The one thing I can't give up, but it could be worse.
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I Am Sick of My Husband Losing a Job Every Other Year

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  • I Sometimes Feel Very Alone

    Another Night Alone Here I sit.  Again.  Questioning why exactly I chose the life I have.  I made a conscious decision to marry him, to move 1,700 miles away from my family so he could have this stupid job, to forget … [more]
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