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I Make No Apologies For Who I Am

Actually, the only things I wont apologize about are my opinions that are backed by science, and how apologetic I am. [more]
  • I Wish I Could Live In My Dreamworld

    I just want to leave... Go somewhere where I can be oblivious to all the problem of the world, and all my problems, all my thoughts. Live somewhere without logic of any sort, nothing needs to make sen… [more]
  • I 'm Wondering How Other People See Me

    Would anyone mind saying how they see me from my EP profile? I would like to know how people see me. Sorry for bothering you guys.… [more]
  • I Have a Scar

    I have a lot of scars. One long vertical scar on each of my lower legs, both surgical. A shorter scar on each of my wrists, one further up my forearm on my left arm, two on my right elbow and one on m… [more]
  • I Like The Band System Of A Down

    Yep. They are brilliant. All there lyrics are incredibly meaningful, and their music is technically really good.… [more]