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Well usual hispanic dude, been through a crappy life. Consider myself average and nothing special.

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I Know Sometimes Love Doesn't Make Sense

Maybe Its Because I Don't Know Love.. It all begins with this incredible lovely feeling. My ex and i were very much in love, it was love at first sight. We had everything in common, we laugh and did stupid stuff like many couples. She... [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    Hmm..wonder if God would read this...
    Being 19 isn't a walk in the park like i thought it would be, after losing everything and having left only my family; i thank God for everything. Made a decision not to put a blame onto anyone. "**** just happens" Haha my basic theory on how the universe works :) So.. Confession time I have two guitars, I have yet to learn how to play them. I talk to my mom in english so she can't understand me (hispanic here if you havent noticed) I still sneak at midnight and grab a snack from the fridge I never had a poster hanged in my room. EVAR! I still go to the library for the internet even thought i have wifi at home. Bought a plasma TV but dont turn it on as much as should. (1 time for 5 minutes … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I forget..
    Sometimes i forget that there are actually good people out there in this world. Life gives you bruises and scratch; may even take a limb.Regardless God made me who i am today. Even though his purpose towards me isn't that clear. I can't lose hope. I forget to count on a prayer to bring me closer to him. So.. best thing to do, is try to always remember there someone that truly cares and loves not only me but all of us. He doesnt ask for something back, just that you recognize his presence and who he is.Love him like he loves you :)… [more]