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I Love Tumblr

People Please Follow Me... I am so lonely... And if you like to get inside people's heads, my blog is the one to follow. I'm a very dark person, and very depressive. But I like anon asks and stuff like that and no one that... [more]
  • I Am a Suicide Survivor

    **If You Get Triggered To Hurt Yourself Easily Please Do Not Read This** So a couple nights ago, everyone that I talk to was asleep and it was 3am, I started to cry. It got worse and worse. All I could think about was everything I've ever done wrong to upset people. I happ… [more]
  • I Have Multiple Personality Disorder

    I Have So Many... Hello! My name is Andrew. I'm new here in this body. And I figured I should tell you a little about my body owner. She's really nice and tries her best to help people all that she can but she isn't al… [more]
  • I Was Sexualy Abused

    It Started In 8th Grade... When I was in 8th grade, I was dating a kid named Kyle. It was fun, I liked him alot, then I met Austin. He made me leave Kyle for him. I thought he actually cared about me... But he sexually abused m… [more]
  • I I'm In Love With Two Men

    I Love Him So Much... But I'M Confused... So... I have the most amazing boyfriend on the face of the earth. But... There's another guy... Me and my current boyfriend have had our problems, they were all my fault, and we were broken up a few t… [more]