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I have a lot of mental issues and bad habits but my only goal in life is to make someones life just a little bit better.

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I Want to Write the Story of My Life

My Life St-... No, My Legacy I remember my life pretty well, even from a young age which seems unusual to me. I remember being 2 and painting glass with my grandma. I remember being three and busting my head open. I remember... [more]
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    I have no where to go...
    My life is going to hell and back in a handbasket. My father is quitting his job and taking a massive paycut. Half. Atleast. He'll be down to minimum wage. The only job I've ever had is here and he wants to leave this area. If I leave with them I'll lose my job and the girl I've fallen in love with. I'm not dating her but I do love her. Known her for 10 years. I have no idea what to do, no one will let me stay with them and pay rent so I'm either homeless with a job somewhere I know or homeless, jobless, and somewhere I dont know.… [more]