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i dont know if i like that people on here can just add u as a friend without requesting u 1st to see if u even wanna be a friend

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I Just Wanna Disappear Sometimes

Wouldn't It Be Great If it was possible to just push a button and youd cease to exist, would u do it? I just slip into the sweet escape of nothingness, where nothing can hurt u anymore, awful memories, broken... [more]
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  • I Want You To Name 10 Things You Believe In

    Heres The Top 10 Things I Believe In, What Are Yours? 1. Love as many people as you can, even if they dont deserve it cuz in the end love is all thats left and is the only thing you carry w/ u thru eternity. 2. A single act good or bad will always… [more]
  • I Just Wanna Disappear Sometimes

    Feel Disrespected By My Family Wondering if im the only 1 that despises having my bday acknowledged. Find the whole thing dumb really for those of us who for most of the rest of the time are all but ignored totally by our families … [more]
  • I Had An Abortion

    Not Proud Of It But, I Knew I Had To I was 24, living w/ my now ex and we already had a toddler. We were barely getting by financially as it was and also were fighting a lot. I found out i was pregnant and was very surprised and couldnt … [more]
  • I Have Paranormal Experiences

    Birthday Surprise 1 nite back in Sept '08, i was sitting alone in my living room, in the beginning of the hallway between the living room and my bedroom there were 2 birthday balloons from my daughters bday just 2 wks … [more]